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    Cosmetic Bonding

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    Cosmetic Dental Bonding

    What is cosmetic dental bonding?

    Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure in which we apply composite resin to the surface of a tooth as a corrective measure. It is a simple and common solution when you want to improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth without having to undergo anesthesia.

    What is the cosmetic bonding procedure?

    When you decide you want a cosmetic bond, we’ll use a shade guide to create a color of composite resin that matches your teeth. Then, we’ll roughen the surface of the tooth so the bond adheres. After applying the bond, we help it set with the use of ultraviolet light. Once set, we’ll mold and polish the bond until it’s uniform with your smile. You can expect a result that looks completely natural, thanks to the tooth-colored appearance of the bond and the care that is put into forming it.

    Do I need a teeth bonding treatment?

    Cosmetic bonding may be perfect for patients who are seeking to provide uniform coloration, fill in small gaps, or correct the shape or length of teeth. If you feel insecure about the look of your teeth, cosmetic bonding can be an easy fix that boosts your smile and your confidence.

    Is dental bonding permanent?

    Cosmetic bonding is not permanent, although you can expect results that will last years. Like other cosmetic dentistry treatments, bonding is a way to improve the appearance of your teeth. It is a resin that is applied directly to the tooth, forming a bond that is designed to last. Most bonds last anywhere from three to ten years before they need to be retouched. The exact lifespan of your cosmetic bond can depend on several factors, such as lifestyle choices, diet choices, and habits.

    What is the advantage of cosmetic bonding?

    The advantage of bonding over other traditional restorations is the ability of the bond to be applied directly to the tooth. This results in assimilation with the natural structure of the tooth itself, and the surrounding teeth.

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