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    Digital Impressions

    Digital Dental Impressions

    Many remember the immense discomfort caused by traditional mold impressions. Those with a strong gag reflex need not worry any longer. Digital impressions eliminate impression material, providing a much better and quicker patient experience. For our patients, this means better fitting crowns, bridges, and implants, which means fewer visits and less time in the office. It’s a wonderful instance of how technology is making our lives easier, even while in the dental chair!

    How are digital impressions different from traditional impressions?

    Digital impressions are intraoral scans that produce three-dimensional images of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. We created traditional impressions using gooey trays that required you to bite into for a length of time, creating a mold of your mouth. But no more! Digital impressions quickly capture accurate replicas of your mouth, without the mess and hassle of traditional impressions.

    What is the process when using digital impressions?

    We simply use a wand to scan the inside of your mouth. The wand is attached to a chairside computer, which feeds the images of your mouth’s interior to a monitor, providing a detailed 3D image on the spot. We check the image to ensure its accuracy. The entire process takes only a minute or two! Once we have the 3D image on our computer, we send it to our lab and use it to create the dental restorative you need, be it crowns, bridges, dentures, or retainers.

    How do digital impressions benefit patients?

    Anyone who ever had traditional mold impressions taken remembers the discomfort of the process. They were especially difficult for those with sensitive teeth, a serious gag reflex, or who suffer dental anxiety. Digital impressions remove the fear, mess, and discomfort that molds caused. They provide detailed replicas of your entire mouth, quickly. We are proud to introduce this modern technique to our patients. The results are much more accurate than with traditional mold impressions, and we find the process is much easier on our patients, too.

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