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    Dental Sealants

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    Dublin Dental Sealants

    At Smiley Dental Group, we believe in incorporating dental sealants into our patients’ regular hygiene treatment plans. They are a safe and simple implant that can provide an effective barrier against tooth decay.

    Who benefits from sealants?

    Children are the most common recipients, but patients of any age can benefit. Tooth decay forms when leftover foodstuffs and bacteria erode our teeth. Sealants are typically affixed to the back of permanent molars, preventing new or further decay from forming. Parents appreciate the use of sealants for their children’s new molars after their baby teeth are out. They know they protect new molars from decay, no matter how vigorous or lax their dental care regimen may be.

    What is the procedure for applying sealants?

    Our highly-trained dental hygienists will first clean your teeth and perform a thorough examination for any issues. Then, we will apply a gel to the chewing surface of your teeth. After a few moments, we wash the gel off and dry your teeth. Finally, we will paint the clear sealant onto your teeth, and allow it to harden. There is no downtime following the application of a sealant, so you or your child can get right back to the day. We will also check on the state of the sealant during your regular dental checkups from then on.

    Are dental sealants painful?

    Not at all! The sealant process is painless. We ensure to check your teeth before we place the sealant to ensure no tooth decay is present, as decay typically causes tooth pain. Sealants are one of our routine preventive dental treatments that are not only painless but fast and effective.

    Do I need to replace sealants after a certain amount of time?

    Yes, you can replace your sealants after they have worn away, which occurs naturally. Sealants can last an average of 2 to 5 years. You can preserve your sealants so they last on the longer side of the spectrum by avoiding sugary foods and beverages that wear away at sealants.

    How do I know if sealants are right for me?

    Curious about how dental sealants can make a difference in your or your child’s oral health? Call us to schedule an appointment at 614-655-3457, or request an appointment through our handy contact form. Our dental hygienists look forward to serving you!