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    Children’s Dentistry

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    Children’s Dentist in Dublin

    Young girl getting her teeth examinedAt Smiley Dental Group, we believe the health and maintenance of your children’s teeth and gums are as important as yours. In fact, we consider children’s dentistry a vital part of our practice. Experts recommend children visit a dentist by age three. Children who are taught excellent oral hygiene at an early age are more likely to carry these good habits into adulthood.  And, they will enjoy visiting the dentist!

    Our friendly team of skilled doctors enjoys treating your children; we specialize in creating fun, educational dental visits. As a general family practice, we introduce effective brushing routines and techniques, monitor the development of your children’s teeth, and help prevent tooth decay.

    Often, children are more susceptible to forming cavities in hard-to-reach teeth, but we can safeguard your child from further decay through the use of dental sealants. Sealants are bonded plastic coatings which protect the pits and fissures of healthy teeth from tooth decay. They are usually placed on permanent back teeth in a child’s mouth. Sealants are a valuable aid in protecting children’s and adolescents’ teeth, especially during the age range when the avoidance of sweets consumption and tooth brushing may not be of top priority.

    Additionally, many families today use bottled drinking water, which lacks traditional fluoride. During your child’s hygiene visit, we may recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride works to strengthen enamel and guard teeth against cavities.

    We believe that prevention is essential to keeping teeth, gums, and your body healthy. Our approach to children’s dentistry teaches children and their families how to avoid dental complications from an early age.