We want your smile to last a lifetime. Smiley Dental Group is a state-of-the-art general dental practice in Dublin, Ohio that offers complete dental care for you and your family. Our general dentistry services include primary dental care suitable for patients of every age.

We also provide preventive dentistry services designed to provide your teeth and gums with extra care to avert cavities, gum disease, and other forms of dental decay.

Our highly skilled dental team provides the following general dentistry services:

What are your family general dentistry services?

At Smiley Dental Group, we know proper dental care is the gateway to overall health. This is why we offer dental services that ensure your family’s oral health is always in tip-top shape. From routine exams to preventive dentistry, you can bring the entire family to our clinic and know our dental hygienists have your needs covered.

What are your children’s dentistry services?

Smiley Dental Group believes the health and maintenance of your children’s teeth and gums is as important as yours. There are also many issues to consider with the health of your children’s teeth. We create custom mouthguards for your little athletes and fit Invisalign aligners to create perfect smiles. The services we provide can ensure your children are on the right path to a lifetime of excellent oral health.

What is sedation dentistry?

Smiley Dental Group offers soothing sedation techniques to ensure each dental care experience is positive, stress-free, and comfortable. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to suit the needs of all patients.

What is your approach to periodontics?

We routinely evaluate our patients’ periodontal health both at our initial exam and at all maintenance (cleaning) visits. Examining the structural health of your teeth is an important part of preventive dentistry.

Do you offer dental sealants?

At Smiley Dental Group, we believe in incorporating dental sealants into our patients’ regular hygiene treatment plans. Dental sealants protect molars from tooth decay and are a great option for children who are developing molars.

Do you design athletic mouthguards?

Fitting along the upper gum line, mouthguards protect the wearer against traumatic injury. We at Smiley Dental Group see what happens when our athletic patients leave their mouths unprotected and engage in rigorous physical activity. We can design custom mouthguards that protect your teeth and overall oral health while you engage in sports.

What are your services for TMJ and bruxism?

Many people suffer from headaches, earaches, tenderness of the jaw muscles, or dull aching pain. These symptoms are often the result of Bruxism or TMJ disorders. These issues can cause you daily pain, but we have the solutions that

Do you offer sleep apnea therapy?

If you suffer from incessant snoring and sleepless nights, this may be a sign of sleep apnea. We at Smiley Dental Group provide a range of treatment options for dealing with sleep apnea. We can provide the solution for your sleep apnea so you can get back to enjoying restful and restorative sleep again.

Have more questions about our general dentistry services? Call us today at 614-655-3457 to learn more.