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Athletic Mouthguards

The real game changer on the field

Athletic Mouthguards

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry strongly recommends mouthguards for athlete protection in contact sports.  Many sports organizations actually require their athletes to wear them. Fitting along the upper gum line, mouthguards protect the wearer against traumatic injury. The ADA estimates 200,000 injuries are avoided each year simply by wearing a mouthguard. They serve as defense against cheek lesions, concussions, gum injuries, jawbone fractures, lip and tongue lesions, neck injuries, and tooth breakage.

Drs. Smiley and Holowicki are able to create a comfortable, customized mouthguard for any patient. Customizable mouthguards offer the greatest protection and are preferred because they are orthodontically correct and more comfortable as a whole.