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    Tooth Colored Fillings

    So people only see your smile

    Dental Fillings in Dublin

    With tooth-colored fillings, combating cavities has become much more attractive. So how can these simple cosmetic enhancers change your smile?

    We know that you take good care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day and visiting our office for regular hygiene cleanings twice a year. Yet, despite your dedicated care, just about everyone experiences tooth decay. And, while we know that you would rather not hear that you have a cavity, you can take comfort in knowing that repairing your tooth is a relatively simple procedure, thanks to tooth-colored fillings.

    Can Smiley Dental Group give me beautiful fillings?

    Yes! Our team of Doctors – Dr. Holowicki, Dr. Moore, Dr. Renshaw – and our Smiley Dental Group team are highly skilled at creating tooth-colored fillings. It is one of the most common procedures we do and can ensure your experience is simple and painless. They’re commonly used for cavity fillings, tooth-colored fillings can also repair a chipped tooth or a cracked tooth.

    What are tooth-colored fillings, anyway?

    Fillings are made with composite resin and are inserted into the sight of a cavity in the affected tooth or teeth. Thanks to superb technological advances in dentistry, fillings are now created to match the natural color of your teeth. They match the rest of your teeth and are virtually undetectable. Your cavities are filled and your tooth looks better than ever.

    What are the steps to applying fillings?

    Once we have diagnosed a cavity in your mouth, we will recommend filling that cavity with the composite resin filling material that matches the natural color of your teeth. We apply a numbing agent to the area and we drill the area around the tooth to remove the affected enamel. Layers of the resin are applied and then dried until the process is complete. When your filling is in place, you will have a newly restored tooth that functions normally and looks natural.

    Are fillings painful?

    We do everything we can to make the process painless. Most of our patients find that their fillings have actually saved them from the pain they felt with the cavity. Cavities are painful because they are tooth rot that can affect nerve endings, the gums, and other sensitive areas. Having tooth-colored fillings implanted is not painful when it’s happening. We also check your mouth before the procedure to check for sensitive areas in your teeth structure. If pain is a concern to you, we can apply a numbing agent to your gums and the surrounding area to ensure a painless procedure.

    Wondering if our tooth-colored fillings are the right choice for your smile? Contact us today at 614-655-3457 and speak to our friendly staff today.