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    Digital X-Rays

    Digital Dental X-Rays

    Through the use of digital X-rays, we at Smiley Dental Group can capture accurate images to better understand the state of your oral health. Digital X-rays are safer, easier, and provide results faster. Here are some more facts about getting digital dental X-rays at our clinic.

    How do digital X-ray machines work?

    All X-ray machines use electromagnetic radiation that passes through soft tissue to capture images unseen by the naked eye. Bone reflects radiation better than other parts of the body, meaning we can use X-ray images to detect bone loss, bone cancer, and other potentially serious oral health problems. Traditional X-ray machines relied on film to present images. Our digital X-ray machine uses a sensor connected to a computer, storing the CT scan image on a computer monitor for immediate review. We can enlarge the image as needed and zoom in on areas that catch our attention, providing detail that traditional X-ray images lack.

    Who needs dental digital X-rays?

    We may order digital X-rays for a patient if they have an underlying intraoral issue that has not been detectable through traditional methods. Digital X-rays can help us uncover gingivitis, tooth decay, an impacted tooth, abscesses, and cavities. Along with helping us observe the bones in your mouth, we can view the interior of your teeth and gums. Digital X-rays are safe for patients of all ages. We typically request a digital X-ray for new patients, as this helps us understand the current state of your oral health while providing a baseline for your future oral health needs. From there, how often you need a digital X-ray can depend on your health history.

    What are the benefits of dental X-ray PET scans?

    Digital X-rays produce only about 10% of the radiation of traditional X-ray machines, making them far safer. The image quality far surpasses that of traditional film. The clearer picture allows for better patient education and diagnostic abilities. The X-ray sensors have round edges and are smooth, making it much more comfortable for all our patients.

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