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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Sleep. Wake up with a smile. Repeat.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

If you suffer from incessant snoring and sleepless nights, these may be signs of sleep apnea. With normal snoring, the sound is a fairly quiet result of airflow obstruction. While this is mildly annoying, no terrible health risks are posed. In contrast, sleep apnea consists of major respiration breaks. Often, there are 10-15 second intervals in between breaths. True sleep apnea is a major risk to overall health and well-being. In rare cases, the effects of sleep apnea can be fatal.

At Smiley Dental Group, we offer dental sleep devices to sufferers of sleep apnea. This comfortable mouth guard fits over the patient’s teeth to facilitate safe, consistent breathing. We can truly help you get your calm nights back and relax your partner as well. There is no reason to endanger your health or relationship any longer. Our office will help you return to well-rested mornings!