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    Sedation dentistry

    We help you stop worrying so you can smile again.

    Sedation Dentistry in Dublin

    If you or a family member struggle with dental anxiety, we can help. Smiley Dental Group offers soothing sedation techniques approved by the American Dental Association to ensure each dental care experience is positive, stress-free, and comfortable. We have sedation solutions whether you are seeking general, cosmetic, or restorative treatments, like dental implants or crown and bridgework, so we can resolve your dental issues while keeping you comfortable. Fear of painful dental procedures or sedation should never hold you back from getting the dental treatment you need. We want to help you understand our sedation techniques. It’s the first step to calm any anxieties you may feel at the thought of having serious dental work.

    What are Smiley Dental Group’s sedation options?

    We offer two types of sedation: nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. Nitrous oxide sedation is a form of minimal sedation, meaning you are fully awake, but completely at ease. Oral conscious sedation can range from minimal to moderate, meaning you likely will not remember much of the procedure, though you can still answer questions. Our dentists have experience in both types of sedation dentistry, and we’ll safely administer your sedation as we monitor you throughout your dental treatment to ensure your safety and comfort.

    Should I undergo nitrous oxide during dental treatment?

    Typically referred to as “laughing gas”, patients inhale this minimal sedation method through a comfortable nasal mask. Nitrous oxide eases anxiety and lessens discomfort. Nitrous oxide kicks in quickly, although the effects are mild. It wears off immediately following treatment, so you can return to your busy day after the appointment.

    Or is oral conscious sedation a better choice for me?

    Oral sedation is a great option for those who have extreme anxiety about their pending dental procedure. We will prescribe you take an oral sedative about an hour before your appointment. Oral conscious sedation patients can answer questions but are blissfully oblivious to the procedure. Most patients resume normal activities a few hours after the appointment. Because the effects of oral sedation diminish gradually, we require that you arrange a ride home after treatment.

    Who is not a proper candidate for sedation dentistry?

    There are several factors we consider before we give a patient the green light for sedation. The most common reason a patient may not be a candidate for sedation dentistry is their medical history and overall health. If you have the following health issues, sedation dentistry may not be a safe option for you:

    • If you are pregnant and in your first or second trimester
    • If you have diabetes
    • If you have liver or kidney disease
    • If you have thyroid or adrenal problems
    • If you have respiratory issues, such as COPD or asthma
    • If you are on certain medications or engage in recreational drugs

    To ensure you are a candidate, we will review your medical history and talk to you about any risks or concerns you have.

    Curious about Smiley Dental Group’s sedation techniques? Reach out via our contact form, or call us at 614-655-3457 to learn more.